Oil and water don’t mix, but sometimes they don’t like to separate either. When the nature of the lubricant forms a stable emulsion or is difficult to separate, then our ThermaPhase unit is the right choice for the job. ThermaPhase was developed to solve the toughest applications.

Steam the water out of your oil

  • Powerful: ThermaPhase handles a broad variety of synthetic (polyglycol, diester, synthetic hydrocarbons, silicone, polyester and mixtures) and petroleum-based compressor lubricants.
  • Economical: With ThermaPhase, there is no longer a need to pay a licensed company to dispose of your condensate. Its quality parts and construction are built for a long life with little to no maintenance.
  • Environmental: An excellent choice for companies proactively engaging in environmental management. ThermaPhase offers a solution to many forms of adverse environmental impacts and helps companies who are pursuing ISO 14001 registration.


Sized to fit your operation

We offer seven ThermaPhase sizes to accommodate your unique needs. You just need to know the:
  • Inlet air temperature 

  • Relative humidity 

  • Compressor capacity (SCFM) 

Check out our sizing chart or contact us to be connected with an expert who will make sure you get the right ThermaPhase for your operation.