Summit LCG Series


Summit LCG Series are specially formulated compressor lubricants designed to be inert to reactive and corrosive gases encountered in landfills, refineries, EOR and chemical process plants. LCG Series is based on 100 % pure synthetic PAO. It’s extremely low vapor pressure results in minimal carryover past the separator. It does not contain sulfur or other impurities associated with petroleum based products that might react with the acids, chlorinated compounds or sour gases found in various applications.  PAOs are fully saturated compounds and do not contain the alkenes or aromatics found in group I, II or even the group III mineral oils touted as being “pure.” LCG Series is ester free and not subject to hydrolysis issues encountered with most esters when used in acidic environ-ments. LCG Series is suitable for use in certain chloride containing environments where the use of mineral oil, esters or synthetic polyglycols (PAGs) are not permitted. Lubricants that are reactive with a gas stream may form by-products that are harmful to equipment or the environment.  Solids may form and cause fouling or plugging issues in certain applications. 

Summit LCG Series will protect oil wetted parts against the corrosive effects of common acids and water.  It is engineered with superior technology to inhibit the effects of sour gases such as hydrogen sulfide or carbon dioxide on metal surfaces found within the oil wetted parts of a compressor.

Summit LCG Series is designed to result in longer fluid and equipment life for rotating compressors in corrosive and reactive environments.  Please consult with a Summit lubrication expert about the suitability of LCG Series in these types of applications.