Neutra-Cla® Formation Protection Technolgy

Neutra-Cla  Fluid Systems for preventing the adverse effects of clay swelling and migration that occurs during workover and completion operations. 

Neutra-Cla is a registered trademark of Conabar.

Laboratory Support

NEUTRA-CLA benefits from strong laboratory support and has demonstrated proven field performance over a twenty-year period. This combination instills confidence in its effectiveness among users.

Cost Savings

One of the major advantages of NEUTRA-CLA is the significant savings it offers compared to traditional KCL. This is particularly evident when examining the amount of material required for a given volume of solution. NEUTRA-CLA requires substantially less material compared to KCL, leading to cost savings in procurement and handling.

Ease of Handling

Liquid NEUTRA-CLA is much easier to handle compared to powdered KCL. This is a crucial consideration in practical applications, as it simplifies logistics and reduces the effort required for mixing and application.