Summit Gear Lubricants

Summit Syngear® SH®-1000 Series gear lubricants are formulated with synthetic base stocks and fortified with select additive systems to enhance their exceptional performance.  The PAO base fluid used has outstanding oxidation and thermal stability, naturally high viscosity index and excellent low temperature pumpability and fluidity.  The unique additive system used provides increased oxidation stability, extreme pressure properties, and maximum protection against wear, rust, corrosion and foaming.

In today’s world of efficiency improvements, there has been much emphasis placed on reducing energy requirements for equipment used in plant operations. Summit Syngear® synthetic gear lubricants have proven to reduce friction, there-by reducing the input power to operate the equipment or increasing the available power output.  The reduction of fluid friction results in lower lubricant operating temperatures, prolonging the life of both the lubricant and the equipment.  The additive system used in this product not only reduces frictional drag, but also protects gears against failures associated with heavy loading and meets the requirements of U.S. Steel 224 specification, AGMA 9005-D94 specification, DIN 51517 Part 3 CLP specification and API GL-4 Gear Service Category. 

Summit Syngear® SH®-1000 Series gear lubricants are recommended for use in all types of enclosed gearing as well as plain and rolling element bearings. These lubricants are ideal for heavily loaded low speed gears and bearings where boundary or elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication (EHL) conditions exist, such as in mine hoist gear reducers.  They are particularly recommended for gearboxes which operate under excessively high temperatures where good quality conventional oils rapidly oxidize.  Summit Syngear® SH®-1000 Series gear lubricants may also be used in certain open gear applications, but it is recommended that Summit lubrication engineers be consulted to select the most effective method of application. Summit Syngear SH®-10032, SH®-10046 and SH®-10068 are also recommended or use in piston or gear-type pumps, expecially where pressures exceed 1000 psi or when operating over a wide temperature range.

Summit Syngear® SH®-1000 Series gear lubricants are compatible with most seal materials, paints and plastics, including nitrile  Buna N, neoprene, viton, teflon, polyethylene, polyurethane ether, fluorocarbon, polyacrylate, polysulfide, ethylene acrylic, epoxy, plastisol, PVC, acrylic paint and lacquer.

When it comes to gears, efficiency is what matters most. The continued trend is greater production from smaller gears subjected to ever increasing loads and higher temperatures. With this in mind, a key component to increased gear efficiency is the lubricant that keeps it operating. Summit’s specialty gear lubricants have been developed and formulated to not only keep a gear in operation but to enhance its performance and reliability.

Maximize gear efficiency

  • Solutions for every challenge: Our full line of gear lubricants have been developed to protect against heavy loading or shock loading. Summit offers gear oil formulations for heavy duty manual transmissions and other industrial gear drives including hypoid and worm gear operation under high speed/low torque or low speed/high torque and much more.
  • Beat the heat: Our lubricants don’t just “hold up” in hot environments, they actively transfer heat away from the surface of the gear. Summit gear oils provide excellent oxidation and thermal stability at high temperatures while also preventing deposit formation, foaming and viscosity breakdown. 
  • Save money: Our gear lubricants have proven to reduce friction, which decreases the amount of input power required to operate the equipment. This reduction of fluid friction also results in lower lubricant operating temperatures, while providing extended lubricant and equipment life.
  • Expertise included: All Summit gear lubricants come with recommendations from an expert technical service team, so you know our lubricants are being applied at the right time, in the right conditions, and on the right equipment. 

Syngear® PG Series


Summit Syngear® PG Series synthetic lubricants are polyglycol-based products for use in enclosed gear, bearings, and compressors where conditions demand the unique properties of these fluids.  Better wear protection, thermal and oxidation stability, and reduced sludge and deposit formation insure enhanced performance when compared to petroleum-based lubricants.

Syngear® PG Series lubricants are incompatible with petroleum oils. Care should be taken to make sure the two types of fluids are not mixed.