Neutra-Cla® Formation Protection Technology

There are solid reasons to use liquid Neutra-Cla for replacing KCL when preparing workover, completion, stimulation & air drilling fluids…

Neutra-Cla has been used extensively in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin…

NEUTRA-CLA has gained significant traction as a substitute for KCL due to several key factors:

  1. Laboratory Support and Field Performance: NEUTRA-CLA benefits from strong laboratory support and has demonstrated proven field performance over a twenty-year period. This combination instills confidence in its effectiveness among users.

  2. Cost Savings: One of the major advantages of NEUTRA-CLA is the significant savings it offers compared to traditional KCL. This is particularly evident when examining the amount of material required for a given volume of solution. NEUTRA-CLA requires substantially less material compared to KCL, leading to cost savings in procurement and handling.

  3. Ease of Handling: Liquid NEUTRA-CLA is much easier to handle compared to powdered KCL. This is a crucial consideration in practical applications, as it simplifies logistics and reduces the effort required for mixing and application.

  4. Packaging and Delivery: NEUTRA-CLA is available in convenient packaging, such as 5 U.S. Gallon (19 litre) pails, which facilitates efficient handling and storage. Moreover, its availability at convenient stock locations ensures timely delivery to petroleum industry operations, further enhancing its appeal to users.

By offering a combination of superior performance, cost-effectiveness, and ease of handling, NEUTRA-CLA has successfully positioned itself as a preferred choice for formation protection technology within the petroleum industry.

*Neutra-Cla® is a Registered Trademark of Conabar Chemical Consulting Ltd.

Neutra-Cla Mixing Charts